My Three Favorite Window Types

Not many people believe that the windows too play an important role in making the house a better looking place and comfortable at the same time. Each individual has a varied choice in everything and also the windows. I love the idea of windows and the definition that it gives to the life when you sit beside them is something that is unmatched. There are various kinds of windows that I have seen over the years from my normal room Double hung window to the jalousie windows in my office bathroom to may Granny’s cottage’s Bay Window. But like every other thing in the world even I have a favorite when it comes to the windows that I like.

1. Bay Window:

I guess there might not be much people who will say otherwise that they don’t like bay windows or the bay windows are not their favorite when it comes to the windows. Even the apartment where I stay I have a bay window which gives me an uninterrupted view of the outside world and that too sitting in the space which is have made in to a padded seat. These windows make the room much spacious and allows ample amount of light and breeze in the house. These might be the costly kinds of windows but they at the same time are the best ones that can change the look of the house in seconds. But one thing that is important to keep in mind is that you need to get special permit before installing the windows.

2. Double Hung Windows:

This is one window that I have seen in my room during the younger days and such windows have been the inspiration of many write-ups. These windows allow much light and breeze in the house and are the very preferable in the house. It helps in ventilating the room and has the ease of opening the same just like the doors of the house. But one problem that might bother you at times is that only half part of the window opens up and the other part of the same doesn’t and that might be a problem for some of you.

3. Jalousie Windows:

OK, this might not be not many people’s favorite window but I have always loved this one in the boring bathroom. These windows are a common scene in the bathrooms as they have some privacy and the also allows much light. These windows are made with glass slats in metal clips and can be closed and opened in unison. These windows are also called the louvered window and are like glass shutter. It is perfect for all kind of climates and reason which they are opted for the bathrooms because the bathroom needs to be in room temperature.

These are my favorite windows that I have always loved. But there is no hard and fast rule that they are best but one thing that is sure about these windows are that they have the capability of making the house look beautiful. On my next post about window types, I will be interviewing a Chesterfield replacement windows expert, to share with us some interesting data of the types of window majority of their clients opt for and why. So stay turned for the upcoming topic on these issue.

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