I wasn’t too happy that i had to hire an expert St. Louis garage door company to fix my garage door just because it went off track. Just after the did has been done, i discovered that the process involved is very simple and anyone with little technical know how can actually get their garage door on track.

Today, I will discuss how to do that even without hiring any expert.

Tools needed to put a garage door back on track are:


Rubber mallet

Hand held vice grips

Steps to follow

1. Disconnect the garage door opener from the door. Pull emergency cord hanging from the center of the garage door to disconnect the opener from the door. Ensure you unplug the opener from the outlet for safety reasons.

2. Lift the door straight up to open the garage door manually. It will help you to see the area where your garage door has gone off tracks. After spotting it, the hand held vice grips should be snapped below the door to act as a stop during your course of repairing the tracks. Use the pliers to pull the outer edge of the track open so as to make it simpler and easier to get the wheels back on track.

3. Immediately the wheels are on track and you have confirmed that the door is properly on track, knock the track back into the correct position with the rubber mallet and unsnap the hand-held vice grips so as to allow the door to move down.

4. When the garage door gets back on track successfully, manually test it. Raise and lower the door for a number of times to ensure that it opens and closes smoothly.

5. Put back the door opener and test the garage door to ensure it is functioning properly. If it does, then you have successfully put your garage door back on track. Make sure that the vertical parts of the track are straight and to prevent your garage door from going off track again, make sure the brackets holding the tracks in place are properly fixed and also that there are no loose bolts and screws. If there are any, tighten them using a screw driver.

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