Exterior Painting Tips for summer

With the summer season quick approaching, painting the exteriors can be a challenging job due to different reasons that include the rain, hot weather,  heat and humidity. Even applying easy general  sense  will  greatly  decrease  the  issue  linked  with  warm  climate  when  painting  in summer. Below are some helpful painting tips for applying exterior painting during summer.

    1. Analyze, check, spot and fix the cracks in the outside of the walls. This process of closing up gaps and joints is referred to as caulking. It is also value mentioning to ensure to use the right products for different substrates.


    1. Forever  read  the  instructions  on  the  label.  The  top  standard  painting  material  might prove to be a bit costly but in the long-term it will exactly prove to be affordable.


    1. Surface preparation is one of the most vital steps when painting in summer. In reality, it is  more  vital  than  applying  the  end  finishing  coat.  Thus,  you  should  prep  and  clean  the exterior surface rightly before painting it.


    1. When it comes to brushes ensure to use rollers and heavy-duty brushes that grip a lot of paint. Commonly, thick nap rollers and four high standard brushes should be enough.


    1. You  will  probably  need  approximately  three  to  four  different  sizes  of  ladder  to  paint. First,  know  the  safest  ways  to  use  the  ladders  because  you  could  end  up  hurting yourself.


    1. When  painting  in  the  roofing  places,  be  sure  you  take  important  precautions  to  save yourself from the minor burns and sun.Roof places are meant to be warm  due to the heat hence remember to apply right skin protections and products.


    1. During  the  summer,  permit  twin  dry  time  humid,  hot  weather  before  applying  the second coat of painting.  Ensure to maintain a wet edge on the surface at all times. Also reject pulling paint /or lap marks back off the surface of the wall.


  1. Maintaining  the  uniformity  of  the  color  is  a  large  problem.  Make  sure  the  colors  are mixed  rightly.  Colors  may  vary  from  can  to  can  so  it  is  perfect  to  mix  the  paint  in  a separate big bucket.

Exterior  painting  is  not  as  simple  as  it  looks  and  actually  going  to  take  longer  than  you  might think.  Please  be  alert,  because  your  body  is  probably  not  used  to  working  in  the  moving  or climbing  ladders  or  in  heat. Carelessness  may  lead  to  muscle strains,  back  injuries,  and  falling off ladders are more general than you might have guessed.

I believe you enjoyed that? And btw, did i mention these were the very tips given to me by an exterior painter in St. Louis, the last time i spent summer there?

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