Why cleaning your air ducts is important

The air ducts of our air conditioning systems serve arguably the most important part in the conditioning process. Up to some time in the recent past, it was thought that cleaning ducts was a waste of time as they were thought never to get dirty in the first place. Actually, they do get dirty. And need cleaning as frequently as most other parts of the air conditioning system. Here are the reasons why you need to clean them.

Eventually Collect Dirt

The air ducts may have filters on both ends but the filters are not meant to keep out dirt and other smaller particles. Rather, they are only meant to sieve out large items which may obstruct the ducts and render the system useless. Dust particles eventually pile up on the sides of the ducts. With time, the dust particles disperse in the house and cause respiratory problems.

If you own cats and other small pets, their hair may eventually end up in the air ducts. If this happens, the chances that the hair will be blown up to cause further health problems. For those allergic to these hairs, you may find out that the rest of the house is clean yet your allergic reactions persist. If that happens, you need the air ducts cleaned.

Cleaning Air Duct

Yes, the ducts have filters on both ends. But they’re not your dust-proof filters found on the air conditioner. They can allow in some small rodents especially when not closed well. It is highly likely that the ducts will have bends where nesting rodents such as rats can hide and nest to breed further. Cleaning air ducts allows you to flush out the rodents. Although highly unlikely, the presence of rodents will necessitate the cleaning of the air ducts.

The chemicals used in the home also collect in the air ducts. If not carefully cleaned, they are released into the house to harm the residents. People ignore their air ducts with the assumption that nothing lies inside them. I’m sure you know that you can’t see all the dirt and chemicals in the air you breath. Have the ducts cleaned for your safety.

Cleaning Needed After Changes

After renovating your home, you should make it a priority to clean your air ducts. Although in other times you may ignore them, renovations will obviously disturb the dust and dirt in the house. Clean the ducts as you clean the rest of the house. Be careful, however, since the cleaning of air ducts should left to experts as it is a complex task.

After moving into a new house, you should begin your cleaning by having an expert clean the air conditioning ducts. You never know what chemicals luck in there waiting to be disturbed once you turn on the air conditioner.

With this knowledge, you have no excuse for leaving the air conditioning ducts uncleaned. The good news is, most firms that repair and maintain the rest of the air conditioning system can clean the ducts too.

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