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My Three Favorite Window Types

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Not many people believe that the windows too play an important role in making the house a better looking place and comfortable at the same time. Each individual has a varied choice in everything and also the windows. I love the idea of windows and the definition that it gives to the life when you sit beside them is something that is unmatched. There are various kinds of windows that I have seen over the years from my normal room Double hung window to the jalousie windows in my office bathroom to may Granny’s cottage’s Bay Window. But like every other thing in the world even I have a favorite when it comes to the windows that I like.

1. Bay Window:

I guess there might not be much people who will say otherwise that they don’t like bay windows or the bay windows are not their favorite when it comes to the windows. Even the apartment where I stay I have a bay window which gives me an uninterrupted view of the outside world and that too sitting in the space which is have made in to a padded seat. These windows make the room much spacious and allows ample amount of light and breeze in the house. These might be the costly kinds of windows but they at the same time are the best ones that can change the look of the house in seconds. But one thing that is important to keep in mind is that you need to get special permit before installing the windows.

2. Double Hung Windows:

This is one window that I have seen in my room during the younger days and such windows have been the inspiration of many write-ups. These windows allow much light and breeze in the house and are the very preferable in the house. It helps in ventilating the room and has the ease of opening the same just like the doors of the house. But one problem that might bother you at times is that only half part of the window opens up and the other part of the same doesn’t and that might be a problem for some of you.

3. Jalousie Windows:

OK, this might not be not many people’s favorite window but I have always loved this one in the boring bathroom. These windows are a common scene in the bathrooms as they have some privacy and the also allows much light. These windows are made with glass slats in metal clips and can be closed and opened in unison. These windows are also called the louvered window and are like glass shutter. It is perfect for all kind of climates and reason which they are opted for the bathrooms because the bathroom needs to be in room temperature.

These are my favorite windows that I have always loved. But there is no hard and fast rule that they are best but one thing that is sure about these windows are that they have the capability of making the house look beautiful. On my next post about window types, I will be interviewing a Chesterfield replacement windows expert, to share with us some interesting data of the types of window majority of their clients opt for and why. So stay turned for the upcoming topic on these issue.


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I wasn’t too happy that i had to hire an expert St. Louis garage door company to fix my garage door just because it went off track. Just after the did has been done, i discovered that the process involved is very simple and anyone with little technical know how can actually get their garage door on track.

Today, I will discuss how to do that even without hiring any expert.

Tools needed to put a garage door back on track are:


Rubber mallet

Hand held vice grips

Steps to follow

1. Disconnect the garage door opener from the door. Pull emergency cord hanging from the center of the garage door to disconnect the opener from the door. Ensure you unplug the opener from the outlet for safety reasons.

2. Lift the door straight up to open the garage door manually. It will help you to see the area where your garage door has gone off tracks. After spotting it, the hand held vice grips should be snapped below the door to act as a stop during your course of repairing the tracks. Use the pliers to pull the outer edge of the track open so as to make it simpler and easier to get the wheels back on track.

3. Immediately the wheels are on track and you have confirmed that the door is properly on track, knock the track back into the correct position with the rubber mallet and unsnap the hand-held vice grips so as to allow the door to move down.

4. When the garage door gets back on track successfully, manually test it. Raise and lower the door for a number of times to ensure that it opens and closes smoothly.

5. Put back the door opener and test the garage door to ensure it is functioning properly. If it does, then you have successfully put your garage door back on track. Make sure that the vertical parts of the track are straight and to prevent your garage door from going off track again, make sure the brackets holding the tracks in place are properly fixed and also that there are no loose bolts and screws. If there are any, tighten them using a screw driver.

Top Home Remodeling Blogs

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St. Louis, MO garage door repair If you are running short of ideas, or just need help to accomplish your home improvement wishes, the blogosphere has many resources to help you find detailed tutorials, inspirational projects, and product recommendations. Below are top home remodeling blogs to help you accomplish the above. These blogs will be of immerse help to you and any related home project, I remember when i needed to work with a St. Louis, MO garage door repair expert, i found lot of informations from these websites which helped my decision making and ended up having a great project.

HGTV Remodel is a remodeling photo collection dedicated to giving you ideas. If you plan to renovate the kitchen or bathroom, this is a great place to go. If your project is large or small, you’ll find ideas for your home.

Remodelista is a reference book for interior decoration, accessories, bedding, furniture, and more. Quick tip, Christmas ornaments, and the latest trends in interior design also abound here.

One of the main sources of home remodeling and renovation ideas. Houzz provides access to more than 8 million photos and the ability to put them together in one place. You can also choose a professional to help you with your project.

Although Porch exists primarily to help you connect with experts in your area, home design and remodeling pictures can also be found in abundance there. The blog provides valuable information on professionals in the industry to answer all your questions and stimulate some creative ideas for improving your home.

Hammerzone is an excellent resource for do-it-yourself and for curious home owners. It is full of valuable information covering areas like design or even estimates for roof replacement. Hammerzone can answer many questions on home repairs and remodeling. offers tips, tricks and videos that are fun to watch for curious visitors. Here, builder and national award-winning columnist Tim Carter provides construction and home improvements that is in the form of DIY tips, reviews of tools, project guides etc.

Bobvilla contains many incisive posts to ensure that when you visit the blog, you find what you are looking for. There are also videos and step by step guides that are available to help you with any project you have.

Family Handyman can help you anything ranging from installing dishwasher or even simple home organization. Like many sites focusing on remodeling and DIY home owners, the blog provides helpful articles, and even video tutorials that will help you with you get your project done right.

A lot of information ranging from information on pellet stoves, metal roofs, and app stud finders can be found on Don Vandervolt’s website on Home Tips. Don Vandervort is an expert at home remodeling, author and HGTV personality. He provide home owners with valuable information such as how to choose a dishwasher, how to prepare their homes for severe weather conditions, and more.

Adding Value To Your Home With Replacement Windows

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Many property owners as well as the homeowners look for ways to increase the value of their home. Of course, your home is the most beautiful, yet expensive investment of your life. The trouble comes in trying to determine what changes to make. A savvy choice is to consider window replacement. This is the best thing to consider if you want to add curb appeal as well as to increase the value of your home. You can likewise save on energy bills with high quality replacement windows.


For private and residential homes, replacement windows can offer many things. They give the entire outside of your home an ineffable transformation. They likewise fetch home buyers due to the added curb appeal. Even Passers-by cannot ignore or take off their eyes when a home gets replacement windows. Such a face lift gives the impact of a spotless and perfect home. Your home will appear clean and elegant. This will be the best investment if you are selling your existing home.


There are tons of, in fact, infinite advantages of replacement windows; they allow your home to shine with proper sunlight. The natural lighting effect is always distinctive from all the artificial interior lightings. Apart from this, energy efficiency is a great benefit; this benefit is discussed many times as this is the only genuine way to reduce energy bills. There will be no air leakage; no hot or cold air. Your electrical appliances will become climate friendly and will not nettle the energy too much. So the benefits are endless and it surely the best way to add value to your home. If you want to bring back elegance as well as the beauty of your home, consider replacing windows.


Talk to any appraiser or real estate agent, he or she will suggest you just one thing to add value to your home; replacement windows. May be some of them will suggest a few more things to increase more value, but the replacement windows will remain on their list. Most of the people who look for a home to purchase, ignore or avoid homes that have older drafty windows. Keep in mind that the first impression is the last impression. New windows make the first impression very good that the buyers cannot ignore coming inside to check out the home. No matter if you thinking from an investment point of view or you just want to save on energy bills, replacement windows will not disappoint you. I had to opt for this option when replacing windows in Chesterfield, MO, within mid last two years and its still rocking well.

Exterior Painting Tips for summer

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With the summer season quick approaching, painting the exteriors can be a challenging job due to different reasons that include the rain, hot weather,  heat and humidity. Even applying easy general  sense  will  greatly  decrease  the  issue  linked  with  warm  climate  when  painting  in summer. Below are some helpful painting tips for applying exterior painting during summer.

    1. Analyze, check, spot and fix the cracks in the outside of the walls. This process of closing up gaps and joints is referred to as caulking. It is also value mentioning to ensure to use the right products for different substrates.


    1. Forever  read  the  instructions  on  the  label.  The  top  standard  painting  material  might prove to be a bit costly but in the long-term it will exactly prove to be affordable.


    1. Surface preparation is one of the most vital steps when painting in summer. In reality, it is  more  vital  than  applying  the  end  finishing  coat.  Thus,  you  should  prep  and  clean  the exterior surface rightly before painting it.


    1. When it comes to brushes ensure to use rollers and heavy-duty brushes that grip a lot of paint. Commonly, thick nap rollers and four high standard brushes should be enough.


    1. You  will  probably  need  approximately  three  to  four  different  sizes  of  ladder  to  paint. First,  know  the  safest  ways  to  use  the  ladders  because  you  could  end  up  hurting yourself.


    1. When  painting  in  the  roofing  places,  be  sure  you  take  important  precautions  to  save yourself from the minor burns and sun.Roof places are meant to be warm  due to the heat hence remember to apply right skin protections and products.


    1. During  the  summer,  permit  twin  dry  time  humid,  hot  weather  before  applying  the second coat of painting.  Ensure to maintain a wet edge on the surface at all times. Also reject pulling paint /or lap marks back off the surface of the wall.


  1. Maintaining  the  uniformity  of  the  color  is  a  large  problem.  Make  sure  the  colors  are mixed  rightly.  Colors  may  vary  from  can  to  can  so  it  is  perfect  to  mix  the  paint  in  a separate big bucket.

Exterior  painting  is  not  as  simple  as  it  looks  and  actually  going  to  take  longer  than  you  might think.  Please  be  alert,  because  your  body  is  probably  not  used  to  working  in  the  moving  or climbing  ladders  or  in  heat. Carelessness  may  lead  to  muscle strains,  back  injuries,  and  falling off ladders are more general than you might have guessed.

I believe you enjoyed that? And btw, did i mention these were the very tips given to me by an exterior painter in St. Louis, the last time i spent summer there?

Painting your Home Walls

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O'Fallon house painterThe  painting  process  that  a  house  undergoes  after  it  is  bought  is  a  well-though-out  one.  The colors and brands are packed after much consideration, and even then, little squares  of colors are sampled on the walls before a choice is finally made. The reason it takes long to select the best color for any room, is because of the ways in which painting a room can have an effect on how  small  or  large  or  cost  the  room  looks.  Despite  just  the  aesthetic worth  that  these  colors can include to the walls, it has been found that  wall painting is also  best for your  home  in the long run, “it can actually take few days to come to a decisive conclusion”, said an O’Fallon house painter, and that goes to tell you how important this stage is. So one should always take her time to make the right choice.

Before the painting process is even  begun, their  painters will take a  best look at your walls. In case  there  is  any break  to  the  wall,  they  will  repair  at  first.  The  painters  will  take  the  time  to make sure that you home is protected and sealed before they apply a one layer of color to any walls.  Once  the  walls  are  prepared  and  the colors  are  selected,  it  is  vital  to  paint  both  the interior as well as exterior of your home. The painting of exterior walls helps in beautifying and protecting your home. It also helps in preserving your house from the weather. In places where there is lots of snow or rain, moisture can enter the wall through or other surface opening, but a best layer of paint will stop any moisture damage.

Interior wall painting helps in promoting strong indoor air standard. This definitely will depend on the type and the brand of  colors you select. It is preferable to go for Zero-VOC or Low-VOC brands,  as  they  tend  to  last  longer.  A beautiful  painted  surface  also  stops  excess  dust  on  your walls,  and  decrease  the  number  of  greasy fingerprints on  them.  Here  again,  better  standard colors will also keep the plaster intact, and will keep the dirt to a bare minimum.

When getting their house painted, many people  are unaware of the advantages they will reap by  taking  the  time  to find  a  best  brand,  and  some  amazing  colors  to  decorate  their  home.  A home is a secure heave, the place we go we need to unwind and relax, and so, it is vital that we pay careful focus to the way we treat our house as well. It is also vital to include furniture and other  decorative  pieces  to  our  homes  that  will  complement  the  shiny  colors we  put  on  our walls.

Why cleaning your air ducts is important

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The air ducts of our air conditioning systems serve arguably the most important part in the conditioning process. Up to some time in the recent past, it was thought that cleaning ducts was a waste of time as they were thought never to get dirty in the first place. Actually, they do get dirty. And need cleaning as frequently as most other parts of the air conditioning system. Here are the reasons why you need to clean them.

Eventually Collect Dirt

The air ducts may have filters on both ends but the filters are not meant to keep out dirt and other smaller particles. Rather, they are only meant to sieve out large items which may obstruct the ducts and render the system useless. Dust particles eventually pile up on the sides of the ducts. With time, the dust particles disperse in the house and cause respiratory problems.

If you own cats and other small pets, their hair may eventually end up in the air ducts. If this happens, the chances that the hair will be blown up to cause further health problems. For those allergic to these hairs, you may find out that the rest of the house is clean yet your allergic reactions persist. If that happens, you need the air ducts cleaned.

Cleaning Air Duct

Yes, the ducts have filters on both ends. But they’re not your dust-proof filters found on the air conditioner. They can allow in some small rodents especially when not closed well. It is highly likely that the ducts will have bends where nesting rodents such as rats can hide and nest to breed further. Cleaning air ducts allows you to flush out the rodents. Although highly unlikely, the presence of rodents will necessitate the cleaning of the air ducts.

The chemicals used in the home also collect in the air ducts. If not carefully cleaned, they are released into the house to harm the residents. People ignore their air ducts with the assumption that nothing lies inside them. I’m sure you know that you can’t see all the dirt and chemicals in the air you breath. Have the ducts cleaned for your safety.

Cleaning Needed After Changes

After renovating your home, you should make it a priority to clean your air ducts. Although in other times you may ignore them, renovations will obviously disturb the dust and dirt in the house. Clean the ducts as you clean the rest of the house. Be careful, however, since the cleaning of air ducts should left to experts as it is a complex task.

After moving into a new house, you should begin your cleaning by having an expert clean the air conditioning ducts. You never know what chemicals luck in there waiting to be disturbed once you turn on the air conditioner.

With this knowledge, you have no excuse for leaving the air conditioning ducts uncleaned. The good news is, most firms that repair and maintain the rest of the air conditioning system can clean the ducts too.

Planning a Basement Remodeling Project

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The basement can be among the most important places in your home, there are those who use it as a private location while others use it to entertain their guests. Whatever purpose you put your basement to, you need to consider various aspects when remodeling. As one of the most sensitive rooms in your home, follow these steps for the best results.

Keep Your Comfort

You know that the roof of the basement is lower than that of your house. If you are remodeling this section of the basement, ensure that the lights remain recessed to save on some space between the head and the roof. Whatever your contractor does, do not reduce on this space.

Another important aspect of your basement is the plumbing. You should keep the plumbing system within reach at all times. Provided that this particular system is within the roof of the plumbing system, have a roof with an easily changeable ceiling. Drop ceilings are the best option for this case. They help you mange the plumbing system better than other types of ceilings given their ease of removal and replacement of individual tiles. Keep the ceiling flexible even when remodeling.

Plan a basement remodel

Your basement, being underground, requires heating at all times. You need to plan the remodeling to such an extent that the basement will have all the heating desired. Given that heat rises up from below, you have to ensure that whatever changes you make to the basement retain the heaters on the lower sides of the building. Some prefer their heaters on the floor while others are okay with them at the intersection of the floor and the roof.

Ensure You Know Exactly What The Results Are

The basement remodeling plans you ought to be clear and concrete. You ought to have a clear picture of what you need after the remodeling has been finished. Having a vague picture of the result will most certainly cost you a lot of money when the actual remodeling begins. When communicating with the contractor, ensure you give them the right picture for your plans so that they do more concrete work and less guessing of what it is you aim for.

When selecting the contractor, pick someone you know understands what you need from the remodeling process. If a contractor thinks they know better of what you need than yourself then you could be throwing away your money as the results will not be what you signed up for. Keep in mind that you are remodeling to make the basement better than it is; not worse. If a contractor does not have a good history doing similar work, keep your money to yourself and keep the search efforts alive. When a contractor tells you that hey will replace some aspects of the wall, ensure that your basement is well insulated against dampness and the loss of heat. Otherwise, you will have a beautiful basement they freezes up at night and during the winter.

Tips for Hiring the Perfect Local Service Business

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When you are in the market for local service business, you will see that there are plenty of options that you can choose from. However, if this very moment is your very first time to ever hire a local service business, then hiring the best local service business might be one of the most a challenging moment in your life. Therefore, to help you deal with the process of selecting the best and the most perfect local service business for whatever reason you want to hire it, we have gathered several tips that you can apply in finding the perfect local service business for your need.

Start with online local service business listing

These days, there are almost no businesses that are not touched by the modernity and the ease of the internet. With the internet to help, local businesses are growing at the rate that might have never been thought before. This, while also gives its advantages to the local businesses themselves, can be used to your advantage. So, how can we utilize the internet to find the best local business for your need?

Tips for Hiring a Small Business

You can start with local service business listing provider that you can find on websites such as craigslist and many other similar websites. Opening those websites, you need to go to the subtopic or regional listing shows the place where you live because this will help you in filtering the number of options that you have to choose from.  Once you have done this, then you need to do the next thing, which is filtering which is the best local service business.

Filtering what is there

Once you have found several names that suit with what you need to do, the next thing that you have to do is to find out which service is the best based on several criteria, such as the expertise, the cost, and the ease of availability. When searching for the best expertise, you need to know how long that a particular name of local service has been around, and, usually, the longer time it has been around, the more expertise that it has.

For money, you also need to think about how much money that you can spend for a particular service offered by the local service. Sometimes, local service allows you to bargain, and if they do so, you need to take that as an advantage. Last but not least, you need to have their contact number so that you can confirm their availability.

So whether you are looking for a basement remodeling company,  a carpet cleaner, or any home professional, these tips can help you!

Home Remodeling Tips for 2016

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Remodeling your home does not just involve buying new appliances and changing the appearance of spaces. Homeowners must consider ways in which they can increase efficiency, improve the decor while still managing to keep the budget at a reasonable amount. Remodeling not only increases the value of your property but also turns it into a place that is comfortable and enjoyable to spend time in. Keeping up with the latest styles and trends is the best way to ensure that you give your house an absolutely wonderful make-over. These are some of the home remodeling tips for 2016 that are currently very popular:

Best Home Remodeling Tips

Hardwood Flooring Instead of a Carpet

This trend is very much in vogue in 2016. Home buyers are leaning more towards a clean look, especially in the living room. That means that you should consider replacing your cozy carpet with glossy hardwood flooring. It’s easier to care for and gives the room an elegant look. The finishing of the hardwood flooring differs based on personal preferences and even location. If you want to increase the value of your home and attract more buyers, consider using this tip that has become a hit with buyers in 2016.

Great Design But Easy To Maintain

This is a direct effect of the younger generation. Millennials love features that have trendy designs but are also easy to take care of. When it comes to countertops, a popular home remodeling trend in 2016 is the use of quartz. Such countertops are resistant to stains and scratches and are also easy to maintain. They come in numerous amazing designs without the maintenance burden that other countertops made of natural stones have. A lot of people also prefer them in neutral colors because they blend well with the existing decor. Using neutral colors gives the house an elegant appearance. This is a home remodeling tip that is highly useful when targeting young buyers.

Creating Privacy For Outdoor Spaces

Sometimes you just want to have a quiet time on your patio but are constantly disturbed by snoopy neighbors or passers-by. Homeowners are adopting smart backyard privacy solutions to take care of this. People are making use of plants, canopies, and even artwork to create private havens in outdoor spaces. There are privacy screens that are used to separate patios from the rest of the house. They bring a graphic impact and make the outdoor space appear chic. Other remodeling ideas for this include using an elevated fireplace wall for your outdoor space, fixing garden screens and having sliding plexi panels.

Virtual Reality For Design

A homeowner can have remodeling ideas and concepts but it is difficult to know for sure that they’ll work before experiencing the real thing. Thanks to technology, virtual reality now lets homeowners have a feel of the finished work before it even begins by making use of holograms. This trend is one of the most technology reliant home remodeling tips for 2016. It makes designing easier and ensures that the end results meet the expectations of the homeowner. It is an idea that has gradually been gaining attention in 2016.